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We are a record label and music distributor within Japan who supply our music in both digital and physical formats.
On the physical front, our CDS are stocked not only in CD shops, but also approximately 400 Miscellaneous Goods shops throughout Japan. The bulk of our company’s products are conceptual compilation albums, with genres ranging from bossanova and jazz to house music and cover songs. A good indication of our strong sales is the Kids Bossa series, a CD series whereby children cover famous pop songs and convert them into Bossanova tracks.
Now, we are doing for Digital format mainly, and make good sales from the market. our music is featured on digital stores like iTunes, Apple Music and D-hits and other most of digital stores in Japan. We also strong connection with stores like e-onkyo music, which specializes in HD Audio Quality Releases called Hi-res. This Hi-res market is getting better these years in Japan.
These results, coupled with a multitude of other strong selling titles, have enabled our company to remain stable in an otherwise volatile music market. Furthermore, a number of our albums that are on iTunes have achieved high rankings and have continued to be long sellers.
We sure there are possibility to expand sales in Japan Digital market for many independent record company in the world. There are lots of stores, concept, idea for Japanese you might not reach. We could help you.

We wait for your contact who have interest in Japanese market. (Labels, Artists, Creator, Singer etc..).

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